Who we are

Our work is sometimes offbeat and unexpected. At times it’s sensitively treated and research driven.
Whichever way you prefer, we take your story and make it epic.

Jackie Ruth Murray


When she’s not hanging with her furkid, Jess, Jackie is putting her years of camera experience to working with refugees, AIDS activists, street children, and township entrepreneurs like Monwabisi who, by the way, makes the best slap chips in Langa. Jackie’s extensive global travels have taught her some valuable life lessons, although these haven’t always worked in her favour — she slept through Mia’s thirtieth birthday party, but that doesn’t make her (or the party) any less epic!

Mia Cilliers


Mia has an uncanny sense of direction both on the streets and on set. She co-created The White Folks web series, won a best director SAFTA and her films have premiered at several film festivals. While her colleagues completed their Master’s degrees in one city, Mia traversed hers in Cape Town, Berlin and Los Angeles, making her almost as well-travelled as Jackie. In her spare time, she likes to create things from clay, but that doesn’t make her (or her wonky ashtrays) any less epic!

Roxanne Dalton


Growing up in the distinctly wind-free suburbs of Joburg, Rox dreamt of becoming a tornado chaser but ended up recording sound in Uganda, India and South Africa instead. Still not as well-travelled as Jackie (or Mia), she’s fast catching up with her annual ashram retreats. She’s worked on South Africa’s first feature-length animation, Jock of the Bushveld, and won a SAFTA for her documentary work. Rox once sported a head full of dreadlocks but that doesn’t make her (or her dreads) any less epic!